We Build Hydraulic Hoses!

Custom made hydraulic, power steering and a/c hoses

Commercial Parts Delivery

We deliver to local shops and businesses – contact us for more information.

Battery Installation

Battery troubles? Bring it in and we will test it for you. If it needs replacing, we will install your new one for you!

Wiper Blade Installation

Replacing worn windshield wipers is important to get you through the rain safely. Bring them in – we will put your new ones on while you wait!



Reprogram ECM’s

Program ECM/PCM on vehicles

Electrical System Testing

Electrical system issues? Determine if your starter or alternator is the cause. Bring it in and we will test it!

Resurface Brake Rotors and Drums

Worn or warped brake rotors or drums? We can make them new!



Need a key copied? We can cut it.

A/C Line Repair


Power Steering Line Repair


Auto Paint Mixing

We mix Sherwin Williams Auto Paint


Resurface Flywheels

When you replace your clutch, bring us your flywheel to be resurfaced!


Press Bearings

Press hub and axle bearings


Press FWD Hub Bearings

Press Power Steering Pulley

Press new power steering pulley on your new power steering pump


Install Rotors on Hub (including studs)

New rotors? We can press them on the wheel hub!